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Dental Care

Did you know that periodontal disease is the most common medical ailment among cats and dogs over the age of four? Untreated dental disease contributes to heart, liver, and kidney disease, pain, discomfort and bad breath. Fortunately, with daily home care and preventative dental cleanings, your pet can live a longer and healthier life!

When your pet comes in for dental care at Dogwood, you can take comfort and pride knowing you’ve made the right choice for your pet. From initial exam to recovery from anesthesia, we give your pet individual attention and expertise. We have created an informative tutorial to help guide you through our complete dental procedures. A frequent question asked by our clients is whether we can properly clean teeth without anesthesia. The answer is “no.” Our trained and licensed staff use ultrasonic power scalers and other sharp instruments to thoroughly clean or scale the teeth therefore the slightest movement could result in injury; and not only do we clean the exposed surface areas but we, most importantly, scale under the gum line (root planing) where periodontal disease is most active. Merely scaling the exposed surfaces of the teeth is purely cosmetic. Overall, it is extremely important for our patients to be calm and comfortable through the entire dental procedure.

For more information on the veterinary community’s position statements and guidelines, please refer to The American Veterinary Dental College.

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