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Chronic Disease & Cancer in Pets

Many pets suffer from chronic diseases… things such as dental disease, heart disease, urinary tract disease, pancreatitis, kidney or liver disease, arthritis, or cancer. Many pets also have conditions such as obesity that make some of these problems much worse.

No matter which disease or cancer, or which therapy is selected, these need to be treated with all means at our disposal. In addition to pharmaceutical treatment of diseases and surgery (and chemotherapy, and radiation treatments for cancers), we prescribe natural approaches to keep the body healthy, fight the disease, and improve quality of life. Many of these, perhaps as high as 90%, can be prevented by proper nutrition, supplementation, and avoidance of toxins so common in our foods and our environment.

Conventional medicine views each occurrence of cancer or other chronic disease as an isolated event, and treats the symptoms. These chronic problems usually don’t have a ‘cure’, so you wait for the next episode. Complementary medicine says this is not enough. We should support the body systems, especially the immune system, to keep your pet as healthy as possible. We can delay or prevent many recurrences with the following tools:

  • Nutritional Therapy. Optimum nutrition is important for ALL animals, just as it is for people. Supplements should be added to every pet’s diet. These replace the bacteria, enzymes, and other natural chemicals which have been destroyed during food processing
  • Herbs and mushrooms. Have been shown in studies to be important immune enhancers.
  • Acupuncture. Helps all body systems, not just arthritis.
  • Risk Factors. Toxins within your pet’s environment.  Many low-quality commercial pet foods are also known to contain ingredients which may contribute to cancer in pets.
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