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Lost & Found Pets

Protect your pet with current ID tags, rabies tag, license, and microchip!

Microchip ID reunites pets with owners

Unfortunately, pets do get lost. Your pet’s first defense is a collar with ID tags, rabies tag, and county license. Anyone finding your pet can immediately call you, us, or the county, to identify your pet.

Microchip ID is a permanent backup to collars. Animal control officers tell us that 90% of the dogs and cats have no collar when they are picked up. All found pets are scanned, and ID chips have recovered several of our patients. All of our own dogs & cats have chips for this reason.

Resources for lost and found pets

Multnomah County Animal Services – Troutdale
Clackamas County Dog Control – Clackamas (dogs only)
Oregon Humane Society – inner NE Portland
Petfinder – internet site
DoveLewis 24 Hour Emergency Hospital

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