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Meet Dr. Morrow

Have you met Dr. Morrow? Dr. Morrow

Dr. Morrow earned a doctorate in veterinary medicine from Washington State University College of Veterinary Medicine. One of her biggest passions as a veterinary student was the field of pain management, specifically concerning arthritic patients. She was highly involved with orthopedic research and different therapeutic modalities for companion animals.

Her experience as a veterinarian, in a clinical setting, taught her that laser therapy significantly helped her patients. Laser therapy helped some patients regain the ability to walk normally again after suffering from severe back problems, or arthritis. Many patients were able to significantly decrease or stop anti-inflammatory and steroid use. The side effects of these drugs can create additional health problems, including high risks for kidney or liver compromised patients and the reduction or cessation of their use greatly increases their quality of life.  She also found that laser therapy had the ability to heal much faster than with pharmaceutical use alone. She knew this non-invasive therapy could replace drugs, was much safer for her patients and she had to do something to make it more available to devoted pet owners.

Dr. Morrow is professionally certified by the American Institute of Medical Laser Applications to treat companion animals and equine athletes, and is a trained Veterinary Medical Laser Safety Officer.

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