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Fleas are Here!

The fleas are here. Actually, they never left. They aren’t just a summertime problem. If you look closely at your pet’sfleas skin and see salt & pepper, your pet has fleas. If you see even one live flea, you have an infestation. Now you need to treat your house, too.We recommend Knockout Premise Spray. Foggers or bombs, don’t work. They miss the areas where fleas hide. Read the rest of this entry »

Ear Infections

Like some people, some dogs and cats have recurring ear infections. Many factors are involved, ear infectionsbut the best way to prevent them in these pets is weekly ear cleaning. When they occur, see your vet! Ear infections are painful, and usually need antibiotics to resolve. Ears are part of skin, and can be an indicator of allergy problems.
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